Residential Roofing Repair

Roofing truck in front of a metal roof.

Superior Roof Repair Services from Real Pros

Your roof works day in and day out keeping you and your home safe. That’s why a roofing problem can be a real issue, and why you can expect a roofing problem to arise at some point over its lifespan. Having someone on hand to offer you high-quality residential roof repair is always a good idea, whether you’re dealing with a minor leak or significant damage to your roof. 

Regardless of the type of roof repair you need for your home, you can get high-quality help from real professionals when you contact Roof Authority at 770-400-0998 for residential roof repair in Atlanta, GA.

When to Call for Roof Repair

Some signs of roofing damage can be obvious. For example, you may see bare spots or loose pieces on your asphalt shingle roof. Other issues may include everything from cracks to blistering, and much more. However, you may not always know your roof is in need of repair, especially if the problem isn’t in a visible space. 

One of the first steps in identifying whether you need residential roof repair is having a pro roofer come to your home to offer a full roof inspection. Whether you are calling for services after a storm strikes or you’re searching for annual services, having a roof inspection done will help you identify any little problems before they become major issues. 

Other things to watch out for, and signs you may need roof repair ASAP, include leaks in your home. You can identify these leaks by watching out for any moist spots, staining, or the growth of organic material such as mold and mildew around your home’s ceiling.

Common Signs of Roof Damage

Knowing what to watch out for is always important in making sure you’re able to get the help you need for your roof as quickly as possible. There are many signs that can potentially point to roofing damage, some of them being more obvious than others. 

While most signs of a leak will be found inside your home, you may also be able to identify some signs of water damage in the form of staining or organic growth around your home’s siding. You may also look for signs of staining, damage, or even deterioration on your home’s soffit and fascia. Any signs of a possible leak or water damage should be taken care of quickly as water can damage your roof’s structure and cause far more damage in the long run.

Another sign of possible damage if you have an asphalt shingle roof is finding granules in any water runoff, especially the runoff from your gutters. Granule loss can be a big concern as it indicates wear and tear to your shingles, and in some cases may indicate you are in need of roof replacement. You may also notice problems such as venting, which occurs when your shingles begin to curl at the edges. Shingles may also experience blistering or bruising due to high heat or hail. 

Roof Repair Versus Roof Replacement 

Once you have identified damage to your roof, your next step is making a decision about what will be done to correct that issue. In the majority of cases, a residential roof repair will be enough to take care of the damage and restore your roof to the best condition possible. 

However, if the damage is more extensive, you may find yourself in need of a residential roof replacement. This may be the case if the entirety of the roof has experienced storm damage, or simply because it has seen a lot of wear and tear and is nearing the end of its lifespan. The roofing professionals you work with will be able to help you decide whether roof repair or roof replacement is your best choice.

Finding Quality Roof Repair Services in Atlanta, GA 

Are there signs your roof has been damaged? If so, your first step in the process of getting the residential roof repair you need is finding a roofing professional to come to you and take care of the problem. From minor damage to extensive roofing issues, you always want to be certain you have someone on your side to offer the best help possible, regardless of the type of repairs your roof needs.

When you find yourself searching for roof repair in Atlanta, GA, you can get the help of professionals by calling Roof Authority at 770-400-0998. Get in touch today to schedule your inspection and consultation.