Roofing Hail Damage Repairs

Close up of a worker repairing shingles

Finding Roof Hail Damage Repair

The weather in Atlanta, GA can be beautiful, but it can also be tough on your home’s exterior. Hail is one of the harsher weather conditions homeowners will experience in the area, and it can lead to extensive damage to your roof. Though this damage may only be cosmetic in nature in some instances, in other cases a hailstorm can leave severe damage that can lead to even further problems down the line. 

This is why in many cases it is important to have a qualified roofer take a look at the damage left after a hailstorm to assess the issue and decide whether emergency roof repair is necessary. If you have found yourself in need of roof hail damage repair in Atlanta, GA, contact Roof Authority by calling 770-400-0998 to schedule services.

Identifying Hail Damage to Your Roof

How can you tell whether you need a roofer to come and work on your roof after a hailstorm? The damage left behind on a roof can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the type of roofing you have and the size of the hail that struck your roof. 

Asphalt shingle roofing is perhaps the most common roofing material in use today. This is notable because hail is one of the few things capable of making a noticeable mark on this type of roofing. You can see hail damage on asphalt shingles because it will leave behind bruises, though often these bruises are small and you may not be able to see them. It is often a good idea to have a roof inspection after a hailstorm. 

Hail damage is often more noticeable to metal roofing as it can leave behind dents. However, this is usually only cosmetic in nature. Other things to watch out for with all roofing types include cracks, dings, and any penetration of a roof’s flashing, vents, or other surrounding structures.

The Importance of Fast Roof Hail Damage Repair

It’s an unfortunate fact that the various kinds of damages hail can do to a roof can all do much to shorten a roof’s lifespan. For example, the various cracks and dings hail causes can often allow moisture into a roof, which in turn can cause structural damage to the underlayment of a roof along with issues such as the growth of organic materials such as mold and mildew. 

Because of this, it is important to have any noticeable issues on a hail-damaged roof taken care of promptly. Even seemingly minor hail damage can quickly become much bigger problems. Fortunately, having a team of professional roofers can help ensure any problems to your roof caused by hail are identified quickly and taken care of right away so none of these potential problems have the chance to arise.

Get Quick, Effective Roof Hail Damage Repair in Atlanta, GA 

A hailstorm can strike without notice, leaving you with damage to your roof that you didn’t expect. When this happens, you can rely on our team to offer you roof hail damage repair in Atlanta, GA that you can rely on. No matter how extensive the damage to your roofing is, you can count on us to ensure your roof gets back in the best condition possible. Contact Roof Authority today at 770-400-0998 to schedule your service.